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Traditional Choice® Plan (Puerto Rico)

The Traditional Choice plan gives you the freedom to seek care from any licensed doctor or hospital. It's simple and easy coverage. And it puts you in charge of where you go for care.

See the doctor of your choice!

How the plan works:

Step #1: Visit any doctor or hospital. It's your choice.

* You don't have to choose a primary care physician. You are free to visit any licensed doctor for covered services.
* No referrals...ever.
* You may have to get approval from Aetna (called precertification*) before receiving certain medical services. Precertification checks to see if the services is covered by your plan. To find out which service need precertification, see your Plan Design and Benefits Summary (PDF).

Step #2: Pay for service.

When you visit your doctor, you pay the bill for the cost of care

Step #3: Submit a claim...get money back.

* Present a claim to Aetna to get money back.
* The amount you get depends on the level of benefits your plan offers for covered services. Some benefits have exclusions and limitations. Check you Plan Design and Benefits Summary for a general list.

Find a doctor, fast!

With our DocFind® online directory, you can look for a doctor by specialty and location. Need to find a pediatrician near home? How about a surgeon who works with a nearby hospital? All the information is here -- plus maps and directions to the doctor's office. You can even look for doctors who speak your language.

Manage your health with our members-only website.

Need to learn the average cost of a medical procedure or service? Want to track a claim? It's easy with our secure Aetna Navigator (TM) member website.

-- Check to see if a claim was paid.
-- Compare hospitals in your area or anywhere in the country.
-- See medical costs and prescription prices.
-- Help yourself stay well by making healthy changes to your lifestyle.
-- Read health information from Harvard Medical School
-- Look through our online encyclopedia for information about hundreds of health conditions.

Visit Aetna Navigator today, or take the FREE tour

If you're already an Aetna member, go to, enter your user name and password, and click "Go." If you're not registered yet, click on "Register Now."

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It's easier to make good decisions about your health when you have the right information

* In Texas, this approval is know as "pre-service utilization review" and is not "verification" as defined by Texas law.