Prescription Drug Plan

Crawford participates with other employers in a coalition for the purpose of purchasing prescription drugs. Express Scripts is the plan administrator and provides claims services for both retail and mail order.

If you elect the Aetna Select, Aetna PPO (Puerto Rico) or BCBS BlueCard PPO plan, you are automatically enrolled in the Express Scripts Drug Plan. You must be enrolled in one of these plans to participate.
  • 97% of pharmacies across the U.S. are network pharmacies.
  • This Rx plan has an "OPEN FORMULARY", which means the list of approved drugs is more inclusive and you will have wider access and options of drug therapies, however, some drugs are specifically excluded. If you choose non-formulary medications, your co-pay will be higher.
  • Due to safety and dosing concerns certain medications require "PRIOR AUTHORIZATION". Prior Authorization means your physician must contact Express Scripts to request approval before you may fill your prescription.
  • There may be some quantity limitations on certain medications such as those used to treat migraines and stomach problems. These limits are for your safety.
  • Some medications for arthritis and stomach problems will require you to try formulary alternatives, which are similar in chemical makeup but less costly before you receive approval to take the originally prescribed more costly medication. This process is called "step therapy". This program should impact few individuals.
  • Maintenance medications (those prescribed for 90 days or longer) can be purchased at a discount through the Express Scripts Mail Order Program.

Express Scripts Prescription I.D. Cards

Shortly after enrolling, employees that elect Aetna Select, Aetna PPO (Puerto Rico) or BCBS PPO will receive two prescription drug cards. Additional Express Scripts I.D. cards are available upon request.

If you have a DEPENDENT AWAY FROM HOME, you may call Express Scripts to request an additional I.D. card or simply provide your dependent with the Crawford Group Number (P2CA) and the employee's Social Security Number. This is the only information the pharmacy will need to process the prescription.

Express Scripts Formulary

The 2012 Express Scripts Formulary list can be found on HR Self Service. Note: Not all drugs listed are covered by Crawford's pharmacy benefit program. For specific questions about drugs that are covered please contact Express Scripts at 1-877-486-5984.

For additional details on Express Scripts, be sure to read the information, visit Express Scripts at

Express Scripts 3-Tier Prescription Drug Program
(Pharmacy Counter)
(Maintenance drugs)
You Pay
Generic $15.00 Generic $37.50
Preferred Brand Formulary $30.00 Preferred Brand Formulary $75.00
Non-Formulary Brand 30% coinsurance, $50 min/$100 max Non-Formulary Brand 30% coinsurance, $125 min/$250 max
Prescription Co-pays are not credited toward Deductibles or Annual Out-of-pocket Maximums.