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National Medical Excellence Program®

When you or a covered family member is facing an organ transplant or other complex procedure, Aetna's National Medical Excellence Program can help. The program has three parts:

  • The National Transplantation Program matches up people who need organ or tissue transplants with facilities that have outstanding track records in these procedures. The program helps patients find the treatment they need, and understand their plan benefits for this treatment. It also helps family members pay for travel and a place to stay when treatment is being provided away from their local area.
  • The National Special Case Program assigns a special case manager to help you sort out treatment choices for rare or complex problems.
  • The Out-of-Country Care Program helps with your care and benefits if you need to go into the hospital while you're traveling overseas.

For more information about the National Medical Excellence Program (including how to participate), you can call Member Services at the number on your ID card.