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When you need answers and information:

  • Call Aetna Member Services. Aetna's customer representatives can answer your questions about what's covered under the plan. They can also help with PCP changes, lost ID cards, claims and finding network providers. You can also email Member Services from Aetna Navigator.
    For the Puerto Rico Plan (Aetna Traditional), you may contact member services at 1-800-847-8794.
    To reach member services for all other plans (select, HRA) please call 1-888-282-4172.

  • Log on to Aetna Navigator at There, you can get information about plan benefits, perform self-service tasks, contact Member services, find up-to-the-minute facts on a variety of health topics – and much more.

  • Call the Informed Health Line at 1-800-556-1555. You'll talk to nurses who can answer questions and provide information about health conditions and their treatment.

  • Visit You'll find information about Flexible Spending Accounts, as well as FAQs, downloadable reimbursement forms, a savings worksheet , and more.

  • Call Aetna Rx Home Delivery at 1-866-612-3862 or visit the Aetna Rx self-service web site at You can request order forms (for first-time orders) and check on the status of an order. At the web site, you can download forms, order refills and check order status.